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Rules and Regulations:

1. The Unit – who wishes to join BGI, should have raza from their Aamil Saheb.
2. The Captain or Incharge of the Unit should wear the Officer’s belt with 3 stars. These objects should have no resemblance to the uniform of the Supervisory Committee members.
3. Officers in charge should wear whistle rope which should be of the same color as of the dress.
4. The member of any unit is to be registered only by the confirmation of the unit leader.
5. All BGI members should wear BGI Badge on the left arm which is designed and approved by the Supervisory Committee.
6. All registered BGI members should have valid identity cards. Cards that have expired – should be renewed.
7. All members should pay annual fees to renew their membership/registration every year.
8. Members should communicate their issues to their respective captains who will in turn communicate with the BGI officers. Unit members may approach the BGI Officers directly in rare and exceptional cases.
9. The Unit captain is responsible to inform the BGI Office in case; any member is suspended from the Unit. This implies that the member is automatically terminated from BGI as well. Badges of such members should be submitted to the nearest BGI Office.
10. Extremely important rules for each and every member:


– Imani Shiyaar
Keep daari (beard) as per aqa moula’s (tus) khushi mubarak
2. Wear topi at all times.

– Moharramaat si pakazgi

1. Members should not use any moharramaat like tabbaco, cigarette, alcohol ect.
2. Members should be not be involved in ribaa (interest) either directly or indirectly
3. Any members failing to meet the above requirement will be terminated immediately

– Shariyaat ni pabandi

1. Members should do namaz ada on right time
2. Members should do vajibaat ada as per aqa moula’s (tus) khushi mubarak
3. Members should attend other majalis during the year

– Attending asbaaq atleast once in a week

1. Asabaaq will help members in doing marefat of aqa moula (tus), which in-turn will improve their khidmat
2. Asbaaq will help in understanding the qadr of mumineen, which in-turn help us in doing mumin-centric khidmat

– During miqaats all members must do 100% waaz talaqqi at all cost
1. Members should not roam around during waaz instead do 100% talaqqi of waaz mubarak.
2. Strict actions will be taken against members & their unit, if members are found roaming around during waaz timings.


Admission Criteria:

1. Manage road security and flow management during Ashara Mubaraka & Zikra Mubaraka Majalis and during other international gatherings and miqaats with Aqa Moula (TUS).
2. All units that wear uniform and perform guards khidmat at their respective areas can register with BGI.
3. All Shabab ul-Eidiz Zahabi (SEZ) and Toloba ul Kulliyatul Muminoon (TKM) members who are entitled with uniforms and perform guards khidmat at their respective areas can also register with BGI.
4. Other objectives and aims of BGI would be decided by the committee with the approval of the President shall be communicated time and again.
5. Training programs for members or any camps and workshops – for the benefit of the guards, would be conducted as agreed and approved by the Supervisory Committee.

BGI has the rights to suspend or dismiss any member from duty and organization as per disciplinary action. Such a decision would be taken with the permission of the President.

Note: The above set of Rules and Regulations may be changed or amended from time to time by the permission and Raza Mubarak of the President.