BGI Got the Sharaf of Ziyafat to AQA MAULA (TUS)

It was a mesmerizing day for the members of Burhani Guards International, a morning that was going to usher in a special and most remarkable way, this was the day when Aqa Maula (TUS) did graciously accepted our humble request by honoring us for the sharaf of Ziyafat.


We eagerly awaited the dawn of the morning of the day when Ziyafat was expected, the air was full of excitement and we could barely contain and hold our happiness, finally the moments arrived when we were showered with the Barakaat and Sharafe azeem of Ziyafat, this honor was on height when it was done in JAWAR of RAUDATUT TAHERA, it added to our happiness when we all got the most aala aijaz of WADHAWANU sharaf. Words cannot express the barakaat that we received with HIS kind and most touching tabassum. This golden day is etched in our memories forever and ever. Mubarak Mubarak to all members and officers of Burhani Guards International on this azeem naimat bestowed on us adna khidmat guzars by AQA MAULA (TUS)